Mark's Gospel

Mar 6:14–29 John the Baptist: Herod Antipas, Trials and testings, The prophet's ministry, Get yourself ready, The wedding banquet, Righteousness essential for salvation, Persecution, John's death, Conclusion.

Mar 6:30–34 Our Lord's compassion: Names written in heaven, Get some rest, Compassion stimulates action, I and the Father are one, The God of compassion.

Mar 6:35–44 The feeding of the five thousand: One miracle, Material provision, Spiritual provision, Spiritual or material?

Mar 6:45–56 Jesus walks on the water: The One who sees me, Look to the Lord, Failure to understand, Hardened hearts, A hardening in part, Man's desire for health and healing.

Mar 7:1–13 Tradition: Renewed minds, Corban, Emotional blackmail, The world in the Church, Spirit-led giving.

Mar 7:14–23 Uncleanness: About sin, Ceremonial uncleanness, Separation from God, Things that caused uncleanness.

Mar 7:24–30 Great faith: The importance of faith, Trials, The centurian's faith, The Syro-Phoenician's faith, God is persuadable.

Mar 7:31–37 Faith is the key: Every disease and sickness, Do you want to get well? The faith of others, The physical types the spiritual.

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